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With your Business

Every Degree of the Way.

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Why Choose 360Fire Limited as your Service Partner?

  • Respect - Respect every member and every role throughout every working process. No role is too big or too small and every contribution is key in our opinion.

  • Honesty - The classic 'honesty is the best policy' rule of thumb meaning there is certainty, clarity and transparency throughout every part of our provided service.

  • Accountability - It is accepted that we all own problems, always take responsibility and be accountable for your actions. Provide solutions with minimal disruptions and maintain professionalism at all times.

  • Equality - To treat everyone equally irrespective of age, perceived disability, race or religion.

We at 360Fire Limited are an established and growing business driven by incomparable customer service and expert knowledge. With clear and concise values at the core of our business you are guaranteed excellent service, every degree of the way.

We know that both our staff and customers deserve full reassurance that they can trust in us as a business and count on us at all times. That is why we always ensure that both parties intentions and outlooks are always aligned; from the start to finish. If the following headlines resonate with you then look no further - choose 360 now.

A Shared Vision: Deliver a first class, high value for money service achieved always by the sheer expertise of our staff members and harmonious relationships across all sectors of the business.

A Shared Mission: Safety, safety, safety! To ensure every customer is safe, compliant and able to trade; achieved by providing every staff member with extensive training to ensure that best working practice is both provided and maintained.

Our Core Values:

With these driving factors of 360Fire Limited it is ensured that every single client, every single time receives a comprehensive, competitive service 360(5) days of the year!

So why not choose us?

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