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360Fire Limited - Accreditations. 

As an accredited member of BSI, 360Fire Limited can offer nothing but excellence. BSI, standing for the British Standards Institution, is the national standards body of the United Kingdom and is responsible for producing technical standards and services as well as supplying certifications and standards-related services to businesses such as ours.


BSI's main mission is to offer and share expert knowledge, innovate and ensure best business practice at all times. In their words, they "make excellence a habit'; by showing businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.


Publishing over 3,100 standards each year 360Fire Limited believe it is crucial to any business stays that they stay up-to-date with such knowledge. To us British Standards is knowledge; combining information from not just industry experts, government bodies and trade associations, but businesses and consumers; developing standards that reflect good business practice and protection.


We are proud to be associated with such a trustworthy and inspiring organisation meaning we can offer total reassurance to all of our clients.


To view or download our official bsi. Accreditation certificate click the link below. 

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