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Conventional Fire Alarms.

360Fire Limited are able to offer a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance for all conventional fire alarm installations in order to assist you and your business to meet the legal requirements of BS5839.

Conventional fire alarm systems are generally suited for smaller installations with a basic cause & effect. Detectors and call points are wired on a radial circuit with a minimum of two sounder circuits. Alternatively they can be installed as a two wire circuit with the sounders as a part of the detection zone cabling (Savwire). If a positive activation is received, then the fire alarm panel will indicate which zone has gone into fire; this can be any one of a number of detectors or call points within the zone and the user or Fire Service will need to search the premises to find the exact location of the fire.

If these are installed in the incorrect environment, then they can lead to significant installation costs, reduced system integrity, leading to expensive nuisance alarms. Minimising nuisance alarms is a requirement of BS5839.

HFP_CP-8_2 Conventional control panel 2.
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