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Analogue Addressable

Fire Alarms.

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360Fire Limited are able to offer a comprehensive design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for all analogue addressable fire alarm installations in order to assist you and your business to meet the legal requirements of BS5839.

These systems continuously evaluate data from devices, in order to make a series of intelligent decisions, provide the maximum protection and, as a result, minimise nuisance alarms which is also a requirement of BS5839. Intelligent systems continually monitor the working environment, measuring drift compensation to ensure that the system is continually performing at the optimum level.

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems are generally suited for larger installations with more zones, complex cause & effects or where the fire alarm panel is linked to other systems. Detectors, call points, interfaces, sounders and VADS' are wired on a ring circuit which is called a 'loop'. Each device is coded and given a text location and a unique number which is then programmed into the fire alarm panel.

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems provide the end user with the status of the device which has activated the fire alarm panel and the location is shown on the LCD display of the panel.

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