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Alert Systems.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire a Ministerial Working Group

recommended the following:

"Changes are needed to the simple guidance on escape. In [new] domestic buildings over 18m there should be two stairways and fire service activated evacuation sounders in each flat"

BS 8629:2019 is a new standard. It is the code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of evacuation alert systems for use by fire and rescue services in buildings containing flats.

360Fire Limited can design, supply, install and commission EVAC-ALERT systems - a new BS 8629: 2019 compliant evacuation alert system from a number of specialist suppliers comprising a host of evacuation alert panels, flat/apartment interfaces and evacuation alert devices specifically designed to assist the fire and rescue services (FRS) in evacuating a high-rise residential building.

A range of 1 to 4 loop, 1 to 48 zone fully BS 8629: 2019 compliant evacuation alert panels, all housed in robust vandal­resistant locked GERDA cabinets with easy-to-operate evacuation toggle switches for use by the fire and rescue services.

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